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Cherelle de Graaf

I am Cherelle de Graaf and I am the owner of strategy agency Count Concepts. As a creative strategist and entrepreneur, I strive to play a meaningful role within my area of expertise. My curiosity of what the future will look like in terms of relationships, values, principles and technology, drives me to create innovative concepts for organisations and institutions so they can stay ahead of the game.

I love to help create a powerful, unique strategy to make sure that my client will keep on moving forward and will also add value over time. My aim is to make a real difference - in cooperation with my clients - by developing (disruptive) innovative services and products, based on a clear purpose. But also by building sustainable organisations and brands.

I have a background in strategy, innovation, digitization and management and have worked for i.a. two beautiful media companies in the Netherlands. This challenging environment provided me with the building blocks to develop my creative mind.

My mission in life is to thrive and to do so with a lot of passion, compassion, humor and style.

Enough about me! I would love to learn more about you so let’s grab a coffee sometime soon.

You can always reach me via: +31 6 11 03 020 49

Have a great one!

Proud to work in collaboration with and/or commissioned by

  • Fontys
  • Quest
  • Formatique
  • BNR
  • Borghese
  • Bureau OS
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • De Persgroep
  • het FD
  • Fontys Hogeschool
  • GGD Nedeland
  • GGZ Nedeland
  • Hans Guldemond Fotografie
  • JLL
  • KNAC
  • Leger des Heils
  • Ministerie VWS
  • Mind
  • Moondust Agency
  • NeLL
  • NHG
  • NRC
  • Orcha
  • Saltro
  • SNPG
  • Unilabs
  • VNO